Choose to believe in yourself; any goal is obtainable. Fitness is earned at all sizes.

  • Your home is more convenient and comfortable than a gym--no waiting for equipment, no crowds, plus your own private shower awaits you!

  • Your exercise is crafted exactly to your goals and ability

  • Your movements are carefully observed so you work out efficiently and safely

  • You schedule your exercise, typically for 60 minutes, when it's best for you

  • You save time by not having to travel to a fitness facility--extra minutes you can invest in your health and fitness

  • You save money by avoiding membership in a fitness facility 

  • Your exercise is an appointment you have to keep because your trainer is coming over to see you--she's on her way now, you can't back out!

Why In-Home Personal Training?

What To Expect From Each Session
  • A timely start and end to your workout

  • A pre-planned exercise program crafted to your goals and abilities

  • Coaching and feedback during your exercise so your form is efficient and safe

  • A conversation about your challenges and successes since your last session

  • A plan for the upcoming week so you continue to make progress outside of our sessions

What's The Next Step?

Before I work with a personal training client, I schedule an initial assessment to review:

  • Your goals, so we can discuss what you're seeking to achieve and begin a plan to reach them

  • An assessment of your health and body, including weight and measurements, as well as an understanding of your medical history and possible physical limitations

  • A review of your current dietary habits and nutrition tips to maximize your workouts

  • A weekly session schedule 

  • Paperwork, such as preferred contact methods; informed consent and waiver to exercise; and cancellation/refund policies


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