FUNdamentals of Fitness Workout Classes

If you prefer to have a social supportive group aspect to your exercise routine. Bizzy Bodies Fitness offers group exercise classes. Imagine developing a healthy routine that helps you reduce your stress, lower your risk of disease, and build your own positive community support system. Picture yourself having increased energy, endurance, and just

60 minutes. It's possible with FUNdamentals of Fitness Workouts. The class is named as such to reflect the two most important features I strive for with every class: fun and basics.

This class features cardiovascular and strength training in a singular session each and every week in under an hour.

The exercises are easy to follow and can be tailored to suit any fitness level. The best part is class format changes from class to class meaning you will never get bored and your body will always be challenged. In the warmer months classes are held outside to take advantage of the short New England summers.

From June through August Bizzy Bodies Fitness offers Aqua Aerobics classes at local beaches. This class features land based exercises that uses the buoyant qualities of the water as resistance. It is a light to medium-impact water class designed to provide cardiovascular conditioning, improved muscle tone, and balance. It is a total body workout without the stress

on the joints of land-based exercise. Non-swimmers welcome!

"I love Brandi’s water aerobics class. I would recommend everyone to try it. A must do. Well worth it!"

-Jennifer T., Vershire, VT

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