Colleen, Fairlee, VT

"I have been working with Brandi since early March 2016 when I came to the realization that yoga and walking were just not enough anymore. In the first personal training session, Brandi really listened to me, about my past health issues and what I wanted for my future. I have found her sessions integrate a variety of interesting and challenging exercises including exercise modalities such as TRX, while providing an encouraging and positive environment.

Brandi is an excellent motivator and lifestyle coach. Within 5 weeks of training, I felt that I was truly making progress. Then just a few months later, I found I was able to integrate exercise into my daily routine. Now over a year later I can chest press 65 pounds and hold a plank for over a minute!  I also participate in her Saturday group classes to try new challenges and feel inspired by others like me. I would highly recommend Brandi to anyone—regardless of body type or age!"

Christina, Haverill, NH

"Life happens: Long work hours, commuting, personal stuff, little free time and before you know it, you haven't had a workout in a while and you’re not eating the right food. The great part about working with Brandi is she helps get you back on track and stay there. I would easily stay off track if I didn’t work with her.

Initially, I thought I would have a couple of sessions with Brandi so that I could learn how to lift weights and a couple of workouts so I could do things on my own. But the reality is I have a much better workout with her. Each session is different so you don't get bored and she pushes you to do more. As you progress, she adds new things for you to do so your workouts evolve as your strength and fitness evolve.

What I really appreciate is Brandi meets you where you are. In the past I have had fears about working with gym trainers who might judge me or not have the insight into my struggles to be able to relate to me. I never feel that way with Brandi. No matter your fitness level, she makes you feel comfortable and confident that you can accomplish your goals."

Dan, Norwich, VT

"I have worked with four different personal trainers in my journey to become healthier and Brandi is the best one yet. She keeps me focused and on task during the workouts. Her passion, caring, and life experiences make her really easy to connect with, feel comfortable with and be inspired by. Brandi varies the sessions to include different cardio and strength training exercises to focus on the areas I want to improve upon."

Lee, Norwich, VT

"Brandi makes working out fun!  My husband Dan and I can do it together, both working to our own abilities.  Brandi has gotten to know us and challenges us where we need it.  We like that she experiments with music and exercises to engage us. Besides all of this, she is a great and caring person we are enjoying getting to know better.  It is nice to genuinely like your trainer!"

Patricia, W. Fairlee, VT

"Brandi is the best personal trainer and coach I've ever had the fortune to work with. Her calm encouragement and know-how has led to achievements I never thought possible. Since I began working with her in April of 2015, I'm healthier, stronger, have more stamina, sleep better, and my morale is so high.

Brandi's whole body strength training has not only made me feel healthier, she’s helped me reverse some bone loss, slowing my progression to osteoporosis!"

Before I began working with Brandi in October of 2015, I realized I had two choices: either continue down an unhealthy road or start making healthier choices in my life.  I chose the healthier route and since have seen many positive changes with myself. I wouldn’t be where I am at today if I hadn’t discovered my personal trainer, Brandi!

Brandi is a great inspiration to me and she encourages me to keep going. She is a wonderful individual, a great personal trainer, very personable with a great personality. She works for YOU!

Brandi will help you meet your goals, even very specific ones. If you are in the market for a great personal trainer you will make the best choice with Brandi. 

Tracey, Bath, NH


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